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As a registered Yoga Alliance instructor with several certifications, I can help you reach wellness goals through specialized yoga therapies like trauma-informed yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, as well as learning the practices of mindfulness and meditation.

Many often mistake yoga as only a physical exercise of stretching the body, but there are benefits well beyond the physical. Utilizing the therapies mentioned above, yoga can be used in healing the mind and spirit, alongside the body, in ways that often surpass what traditional therapies, alone, may accomplish.

I'd love to chat with you about how yoga can be a healing tool for you! Click below and send me a message.


Since the Greek philosopher Hippocrates' days, at least, there has been a recognized connection between the physical and emotional parts of the body. Our emotions are "felt" or "stored" in certain physically noticeable places. The most obvious/common example is probably stress and  neck/shoulder tension. It is relatively easy to identify that many of us "carry" and feel our stress as physical tension in the neck and shoulders, often also resulting in a headache.

Emotional body mapping goes much further, allowing you to unlock places in the body where you may be holding onto trauma or other unhealthy emotional issues that keep you from functioning at your best.

I'm a certified Practitioner of Emotional Body Mapping, and I'd love to visit about how it can help you heal. Please send me a note below!

Yoga at Home
Rock Balancing

Overall wellness of the mind, body, and spirit is my goal for every client who reaches out to me. In whatever area you may be needing some extra focus (or all three!), I'm happy to help through various coaching techniques.

Together, we can evaluate what is and isn't working for you in each area of your life, and explore ways that work for YOU, specifically, to start getting on a path that leads to positive growth. It's very important that wellness be something you can strive for on terms that work for you, making a lifestyle change feel natural, in a way that flows and doesn't feel restrictive or too difficult.

Shoot me an email by clicking on the button below if you'd like to chat further about how we can work together for your wellness goals!

Patio Lights

All of us are made up of both light and shadow, and sometimes, we need help with insight for whichever may be more dominant during a particular time in life.

Nontraditional therapies like attuning to divine guidance, journal prompts, meditation and mindfulness exercises, and more, can be employed to navigate your journey through light and/or shadow work.

Together, we can determine what course of action best fits your needs, based on your comfort level for exploring and growing through both light and shadow.

I have certainly swum in both light and dark waters on my life's journey, and there's so much benefit from fully experiencing both. Please send me a note, below, if you'd like to explore more.

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